George Tamborelle

Chief - 261

George Tamborelle has been in the fire service since 1992.  He started with the Newfield Fire Company before moving to Cayuga Heights in 2001.  George has been the fire chief since 2003.  He and his family live in Cayuga Heights.  George and his wife Lindsay met at the fire department.   He is a Paramedic/Supervisor at Bangs Ambulance where he started in 1998.  


John Putnam

2nd Assistant Chief - 263

John Putnam has been in the fire service for 16 years, joining the department during high school. He owns a construction business and has worked on many large projects. His family have been involved in the fire department for many years, and he continues this tradition through serving as an officer for over 5 years.


Joe Price

1st Assistant Chief - 262

Joe Price has been in the fire department for over 10 years and combines his work as assistant chief with managing properties at Ithaca Renting. His wife, Colleen Price, is also a senior member of the fire department, as Rescue Director (271).


Mike Garrett

3rd Assistant Chief - 264

Mike Garrett has been in the fire service for over five years.  Aside from duties on the scene of emergencies he helps oversee the regular trainings within the department.  He is a full time teacher at Ithaca College and freelances in the entertainment world.  It was his combined interest in service and what to do in the event of an emergency at events that initially drew him the Cayuga Heights Fire Department. 

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Brendan Bloodnick

1st Lieutenant - 281

Brendan Bloodnick is the longest serving Lt, having spent 8 years with CHFD. He joined department as a student at Cornell. He is now a career firefighter at Ithaca Fire Department and a paramedic with Bangs Ambulance.


Nicholas Supron

3rd Lieutenant - 283

Nick joined CHFD as a Junior at Ithaca High School. He has remained an active member as a student at Tompkins Cortland Community College and now as an undergraduate at Cornell. 

Sophie Janowsky

2nd Lieutenant - 282

Sophie Janowsky has been in the fire service for 5 years. She works as an EMT with Bangs Ambulance.


John Gregory

4th Lieutenant - 284

John joined CHFD in 2019. He is a student at Cornell, studying Agricultural Sciences. He hails from Westchester, where he joined Pound Ridge Fire Deparment in 2017. He keeps bees in his spare time.


Rescue Officers


Colleen Price

Rescue Director - 271

Colleen Price has been in the fire department for over 10 years and combines her work as Rescue Director with managing properties at Ithaca Renting. Her husband, Joe Price, is also a senior member of the fire department, as 1st Assistant Chief (262).



Assistant Rescue Direct - 272


Company Officers


Kelly Chan


Kelly O'Chan is originally from Massachusetts. He came to Upstate New York for some honest schooling. He never left.


Abby Hagen


Gabrielle "Abby" Hagen is a native Ithacan and joined CHFD in 2018 when she was a junior at Ithaca High School. She has been Secretary since 2021 and currently attends Ithaca College, playing on the soccer team. She has an evil twin.


Daniel Halstead


Daniel Joined CHFD in 2018. He is a student at Cornell, studying Architecture, and originally hails from the United Kingdom. He is also the webmaster, co-runs the birthday party committee, and previously served as Secretary.


Macey Chasman


Mac joined CHFD in 2019 and has served as Treasurer since 2020. He is a student at Cornell's ILR school. In his free time, he backpacks and fishes.



David Maley




Kirsten Schiller