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231 is a 2022 E-ONE ladder truck. While the aerial device is the main feature of this truck, it is also equipped with a pump and booster tank, and hose, making it a quint ladder truck. 231 responds with at least a driver, an officer, and two additional interior-certified firefighters. It can, and most often does, seat a total of five firefighters in addition to the driver.



231 is our second due apparatus for all structure fires and alarms. In addition, 231 serves as an apparatus for our mutual aid fill-ins. 


2nd Due to Structure fires 

2nd Due to Alarm of fires

2nd Due Mutual Aid


  • 75 foot Aerial ladder with 1250 GPM master stream device

  • 2 crosslays of 200 ft, 2 inch diameter hose

  • 1 bumper line of 100 ft, 2 inch diameter hose 

  • 1 hi-rise hose pack of 100 ft, 2 inch diameter hose

  • 625 ft of 5 inch supply hose

  • 6 SCBAs with 4 additional spare bottles

  • 3 16 ft roof ladders

  • 1 24 ft extension ladder

  • 1 35 ft extension ladder 

2021 E-ONE HP 75 ladder

1500 GPM Waterous pump

500 gallon tank

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