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Multiple Calls of Trees Down and Power Lines In Roadway

On 02/27/2020, CHFD was dispatched to a tree down at 15:46 on Iroquois Road. While responding to this call, two more calls were dispatched for a tree in the roadway on Devon Road and a tree and wires in the roadway Forest Drive.

CHFD responded to all these calls, sending Engine 203, Rescue 241, Utility 242 and Support 244. They also worked in coordination with CHPD officers, Cayuga Heights Department of Public Works, and NYSEG.

Iroquois Road was closed for approximately one hour while power was cut to the lines and the trees were removed. Devon Road was cleared within ten minutes as no wires were involved. Forest Drive was closed for approximately an hour and a half as NYSEG serviced the wires.

All CHFD units were clear and back in service by 1900.


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