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Outside Fire / Winthrop Dr

This evening at 18:11 CHFD was dispatched to reports of downed power lines on Winthrop Dr. Engine 203, Support 242 and Support 244 responded.

CHFD units arrived on scene to find two secondary transmission lines down in the roadway arcing and igniting the grass surrounding them. CHFD units secured the area and controlled traffic until NYSEG could arrive to deenergize the lines.

NYSEG arrived on scene at 19:26 to secure power and remove the lines from the roadway. Once removed, CHFD units discovered two large trenches with high subsurface temperatures exceeding 1100° F. E203 applied copious amounts of water and overhauled the molten area created by the high temperatures of the arcing lines. All CHFD units cleared the scene at 20:51.

We are proud to serve our community!


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