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Message of Support from NYS Senate Candidate Leslie Danks Burke

Our firefighters and emergency responders are especially critical in our small cities and communities, and Leslie chatted online with George Tamborelle and Kevin Romer spoke about what it's like to be an emergency service professional during COVID-19, how they got into the field, and how their work has changed over the years. Watch their full conversation by clicking the video below! 

We’re immensely grateful for emergency service professionals like George and Kevin, who are on the frontlines of the pandemic right now working to keep us safe and healthy.  George and Kevin had one remark at the end of our chat, which has been echoed many times - please continue to wear your mask and socially distance when going out. We have individual responsibility to keep ourselves and our neighbors safe and lighten the burden on our emergency and medical professionals.  Leslie loves sitting down with community members to hear how they’re doing and we are glad we can share their stories with you. If you or someone you know would be interested in visiting online with Leslie, feel free to email:


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