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Structure Fire / Muriel Street

CHFD Rescue 242 was dispatched at 1614 to a report of a fire alarm going off on Muriel Street. At 1615, Support 244 was dispatched to a report of sparking, low-hanging wires on the same street. The crew of 242 conducted a search of the premises and found smoke present in the basement of the building. The crew of 244 closed the roadway and called for NYSEG to respond for the the low-hanging wires. The crew of 242 activated a structure fire response with Engine 203 responding to scene. The crew of 203 found that the downed power lines caused a surge in the electrical box which caused the small fire in the house. The fire self-extinguished and the crews ventilated the building. NYSEG deactivated power and cleared the scene. All CHFD units cleared around 1800.


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