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Structure Fire / Roat St

On 06/17/23 at 20:30 CHFD was dispatched by TC911 for a reported structure fire on Roat Street. Engine 203, Engine 202, Ladder 231, and Assistant Chief 264 responded. When E203 arrived on scene smoke was pushing from the eaves of the roof. Crews quickly deployed a handline to the front door, where they were able to see the seat of the fire in the kitchen at the rear of the property.

203 initiated a transitional fire attack, deploying water to the fire from the front door as soon as the fire was spotted before moving inside the home to fully extinguish the fire. Crews then conducted a search of the smoke-filled property to locate any possible occupants. Luckily, no occupants were inside at the time of the fire, and there were no civilian or firefighter injuries reported. Quick work by the crews of E203, L231, and E202 ensured that the fire was contained to the room of origin and the property was spared significant damage.

Units from the Lansing Fire Department also responded per an automatic aid agreement between LFD and CHFD. Also on scene were units from Bangs Ambulance, TCSD, CHPD, and NYSEG. Two engines from the Ithaca Fire Department were en route to scene but were able to return in service when the fire was knocked down shortly after E203's arrival. Thank you to all agencies involved.

All CHFD units were returned in service by 23:00.


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